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Olha Tsvyntarna

Olha Tsvyntarna

Olha Tsvyntarna is a singer and an English teacher from Ukraine. Together with her son Dmytro Tsvyntarnyi they fled Ukraine after the Russian attack on their home city of Kyiv. 

Here in Chicago they joined Ukrainian diaspora to put together their efforts and help Ukraine. 

Tsvyntarna stands with Jewish community today during the attack on Israel. She says, it is unacceptable to see another war, another genocide in the XXI century after the civilized society seemed to have learnt its lessons from the terrible events in the past. Ukrainians suffered from Holodomor genocide 90 years ago and now they are being killed by the same enemy. Jewish people suffered from Holocaust and now Israel is under attack again. 

We are here. And we must send out the message to the world that it is important to stop the terrorists attacking other nations once and for all, for this painful history would never repeat again.

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